Risk management and Reporting

Protecting itself from the negative effects of the global economic crisis takes an important place in the activity of TuranBank. The bank attaches a special attention to Risk Management. For the purpose of improving the risk management activities in the bank, close cooperation was established with IFC, GARP and other international institutions, including ABTC.   

Currently, the Risk management Department of "TuranBank" OJSC determines, evaluates, controls, monitors and manages all risks connected with the activities of all structural units of the bank. 

TuranBank adhering to the standard European banking traditions classifies the risk management in the following hierarchical levels:

a) Strategic level: Here the risk management is carried out at the level of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. At this level, risk management activities include determination and management of risks, development of strategies and policies depending on the nature and frequency of occurrence of risks and on the amount of the damage caused, establishment of adequate systems in cases of occurrence of risks, determination of tools for maintaining in the acceptable, i.e. manageable level.

b) Macro level: Here the risk management is usually carried out by the committees established by the management personnel of various structural units of the bank engaged in financial activity, in accordance with the risk strategy and policy of the bank.

c) Micro level: Here the risks are managed by the structural units of the bank engaged in financial activity, within the limits determined by the above mentioned levels.

 Risk reporting system 
#Name of report Period of presenting
1Report on "Results of the analysis on all current risks of the Bank" (credit, market, liquidity, operational and other risks) Risk Management Committee - every month 
2Report on consetration in the loan portfolio Management Board - monthly

Review of the risks to different products and business processes 

4Report on "matters that are discussed in the Risk Management Committee" Supervisory Board - on a quarterly basis
Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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