Loan repayments via Pay Points "MilliÖn"

Now, credit customers of TuranBank will be able to make loan payments at any reasonable time without coming to the Bank. TuranBank achieved it as a result of joining to payment system "MilliÖn". The main objective of this campaign is to provide maximum comfortable environment to its client as majority of the clients are not able to come to the bank to make payment. With the help of these points, the customers will be able to pay their loans

In order to pay via "MilliÖn", customers need to approach to the bank with the purpose of getting "Credit ID" code. The terms of loan repayment through the points are as follows:

  • "Banking services" section on the terminal screen is selected.
  • "TuranBank" is selected from the next pop-up window
  • "Credit ID" issued by bank is entered twice
  • After entering "Credit ID" twice, the customer's name and father's name appears on the screen;
  • Making sure that name is included correctly, the amount is put straight into the terminal
  • The receipt is considered as a proof of payment.

There is now any fee for the payment. The payments are carried out in real-time. Holidays, non-working payments are carried out in the following business day.

"MilliÖn" pay points are located in the different commercial, business centers, subway stations, supermarkets, train stations and airports in Baku and in other regions.  You can get precise list by clicking this link.

Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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