Plastic cards

Plastic bank cards of TuranBank  are international payment systems of MasterCard International. These cards are accepted throughout the world. TuranBank offers the following plastic cards: 

  • Maestro Maestro/Cirrus
  • Master Card Standard
  • Master Card Gold

Through this card, customers can make payments for goods, and services without the use of cash, and can get cash from banks and ATMs according to the scope of services provided by the card.

Cirrus Maestro

  For demand deposits

  • price: 15 AZN (for 1 year)
  • price: 25 (for 2 years)

For Salary cards

  • Price: 10 AZN (for one year)
  • Price: 15 AZN (for two years)
  • Price: 25 AZN (for three years)
  • Required documents: ID
  • Required time: one day

MasterCard Standard

  • Price: 20 AZN (for one year)
  • Price: 30 AZN (for two years)
  • Price: 40 AZN (for three years)
  • Required documents: Identity card
  • Required time: one day

MasterCard Gold

  • Price: 30 AZN (for one year)
  • Price: 40 AZN (for two years)
  • Price: 50 AZN (for three years)
  • Required documents: Identity card
  • Required time: one day

Urgent orders:

As per client's request, we can prepare the card within 3 hours. It will cost 10 AZN, additionally.

By getting a plastic card of TuranBank you will benefit from: 

Retail operations:

  • Payment in hotels and shopping centers world-wide (in over 200 countries) without using cash 

Payments to Azercell and Bakcell:

  • Payment of your phone bills to Azercell and Bakcell using ATMs 

Payment for utilities

  • Payments for utilities with bank cards using ATMs

Shopping on the internet

  • Payments with MC Gold və MC Standard cards on the Internet shops

The following payments through the Internet:

Bills for utilities

  • Electricity bills
  • Azerigas bills
  • Azersu bills 

Payments to Mobile operators

  • Azercell
  • Bakcell
  • Nar Mobile
  • Azerfon - Vodafone
  • Fonex

Payments to Internet providers

  • ADAnet
  • Avirtell
  • Azstarnet
  • Bakinternet
  • Connect
  • Azeronline
  • Hotnet
  • AiləNet
  • Elcell
  • Alfanet
  • SAZZ
  • Uninet Stream
  • SuperOnline
  • AzEuroTel


Payments of phone bills(landline)

  • Aztelecom-BTRIB
  • AzEuroTel


Payments to cable TV operators

  • KATV
  • B&B TV
  • Connect TV
  • Digiturk
  • Ailə TV


Banks' online payment service 

  • TuranBank's and other banks' loans payment

Insurance payments

  • AzSıgorta
  • Azerbaijan Industry Insurance
  • International Insurance Company
  • Alfa Insurance
  • A-Group Insurance
  • Xalq Sıgorta


  • Society for the Suppression of Leukemia
  • SOS children's villages
  • Woman's Forum
  • Red Crescent Society
  • Happy Future of Children

SSAC services

  • The State Students Admission Commission - Online purchase of "Payment card"
  • The State Students Admission Commission - Online purchase of books published by SSAC

Card to card operations

By our cards you can transfer money to any other bank cards which are members of AzeriCard Processing Center, using ATMs.
The operation is carried out as follows:

  • Insеrt the card into ATM and dial Pin-code;
  • Select the language that will appear on the screen;
  • Select "Payments" from menu;
  • Select "Card to Card" button in "Payments" section;
  • Enter 16 digit number of the card twice which you want to transfer money to;
  • Enter the transferred amount;
  • Accept operation by clicking  "Accept"

  "ATM SMS Notification enrollment"

"ATM SMS Notification enrollment" - The product enables the Bank's clients to get SMS notifications to their mobile phones for each transaction made in ATMs, POS terminals, and through the Internet. Currently, this service is valid for Azercell, Bakcell and Nar Mobile subscribers.  In order to activate the operation, you can come to any branch of TuranBank or can carry out the operation using ATMs as follows:

  • Insert a bank card
  • Select "payments" section of ATM
  • Select "Services"
  • Select   "SMS Notification"
  • Insert your mobile number twice
  • After dialing your mobile number select "Confirm"
  • You get an sms notification
  • In order to unsubscribe from the service, please contact TuranBank.


  Cash by Code

TuranBank's plastic cardholders can transfer money in AZN, USD and in EUR to any domestic ATMs of the Banks which are the members of AzeriCard Processing Center, as well as to IBA-Moscow's ATM network in Russian Rubles. This service is carried out at any time of the day through a special code. TuranBank clients can also use "Cash by Code" service for transferring money from Russian Federation to Azerbaijan.

The operation is carried out as follows: 

  • Insеrt the card into ATM and select the language;
  • Dial Pin-code;
  • Select "Cash by Code" from menu;
  • Select "Transfer money" button in "Cash by Code" section;
  • Enter the mobile number of the of the receiver;
  • Select the type of currency;
  • Enter the transferred amount;
  • Accept operation by clicking "Confirm"

The ATM will generate a special 2-part code. The first part will be sent to the receiver by SMS and the second part will be printed for you.  The client can inform the receiver about the first part of the code. The code will remain valid for 24 hours.

The receiver has to approach to ATM, select "Cash by Code" section and the language. Then enters the first part of the code, obtained from the sender together with the second part of the code received by SMS. Selects sent cash currency. Enters the amount of money.

Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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