Salary Projects

Salary cards are one of the projects ensuring the development of each organization. Payment of salaries to staff members through bankсards saves time and money as well as an organization and employees.

At the same time, expansion and development of electronic payment infrastructure allows cardholders to pay with cards cost of utilities, bills of telephone, insurance, cable TV, Internet service providers and other services through ATMs and the Internet.

Our Bank provides salary cards Cirrus Maestro to implement salary projects.

Within the salary projects the cards Cirrus Maestro from TuranBank offer you the following advantages:

• Savings time when receiving a salary;

• Ability to receive salary by employees who are on business trip or on vacation, not only in all regions of the country, but also abroad;

• Facilitation of accounting and cash procedures;

• Opportunity for cardholders Cirrus Maestro without loss of time to carry out the following payments through ATMs or at home via the Internet:

  •  Payment of utility bills ;
  •  Payment of costs of phone;
  •  Payment of services of Internet providers;
  •  Payment of services of mobile operators;
  •  Payment of cable TV;
  •  Payment of insurance.

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