Documentary operations

TuranBank provides documentary operation such as Letters of Credit, bank guarantees, authorizations and encashment. We strive to meet needs of our clients doing our best to execute their business transactions and operations. TuranBank provides these services in the form of letters of credit for import-export operations, bank guarantees and other forms.

Customer can benefit from the following service:

  • Advisory service for choosing the best means of payments in order to minimize risk during their export/import operation;
  • Opening and providing export/import L/Cs;
  • Conformation of L/Сs by TuranBank and European, US banks;
  • Checking out documents and executing payment on L/Cs;
  • Transfer of L/Cs;
  • Other financial agreements using credit documentry operations;
  • Opening and providing L/Gs;

                            1. Issuance of a guarantee of participation;
                            2. Issuance of performance guarantees;
                            3. Issuamce pf advance guarantees.

  • Confirmation of L/Gs by TuranBank, European and  US banks.

Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. (9:00 - 18:00)

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