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 Dividend Policy 

Dividend Policy of Joint Stock Company "TuranBank" has been prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, the rules of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic, the Bank's Charter and other documents. Policy reflects the payment of dividends, announcement, the amount, form and terms of payment.

The decision on the direction of net profit for dividend payment is carried out according to the Bank's Strategy and the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The main objective of the policy is to conduct continuous and reliable dividend policy each year and prevent alienation of this policy.

Declaration of dividends: the declaration and payment of dividends and the amount of charges and procedures are defined for the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders on the recommendation of the Supervisory Board not later than 3 months after the audit report made by the external auditor on the results of the annual economic and financial activities of the Bank.

The decision on payment of dividends shall be determined as follows:

  • Types of shares declared dividends;
  • The size of the dividend per share or interest rate of the dividend;
  • Term of payment;
  • Form of payment.

In the following cases, the Bank may not declare about dividends payment or pay already declared dividends:

  • If by the date of a decision on dividend payment the Bank in accordance with the law on bankruptcy has been declared insolvent or became bankrupt, or as a result of dividend payments is likely to be declared insolvent or bankrupt;
  • If by the date of the decision to pay dividends net asset value of the Bank will be less than the authorized capital, the reserve fund of the Bank, or if as a result of this decision, the net asset value will fall;
  • In other cases stipulated by the law.

Source and amount of dividends: Dividends are paid from the net profit of the Bank and distributed to the shareholders in proportion to their shares. The annual interest rate of dividends for shares issued in the previous year accrued annual interest rate, and for shares issued in the current year by dividing percent (amount ) of exist dividends on days (360 days ) in a year, and then multiplying by the number of days (from the date of issuance of the new shares until the end of the year), during which the shares were issued. When the Bank declares a dividend, taxes withheld from shareholders are not taken into account.

Dividends of shareholders entitled to receive: Shareholders are entitled to dividends in the financial year, the results of which provides for the distribution of profits 

Payment of declared dividends: Dividends must be paid to shareholders not later than 10 days after the announcement. Information about the date, form, place and manner of payment of dividends are sent to shareholders. Each shareholder may apply to the bank to get information on the rules of calculation of the stock dividend, tax procedures, payment terms, and information about dividends. Bank must respond within 3 days after the request of the shareholder.

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Assets of TuranBank increased by 16%

One of the leading banks of the country, TuranBank OJSC, announced the results of its activities in the first quarter of 2021. Despite the pandemic of COVID-19 and the fluctuations in domestic and foreign markets and the contraction in the country's economy, the Bank completed the first quarter of 2021 with positive financial results. According to the results of the first quarter of 2021, the total assets of TuranBank OJSC increased by 16.3% or 83.7 million compared to the same period last year. AZN increased by 597.7 million manats,...

TuranBank's mobile application is now in AppGallery!

Having always thought about the convenience of its customers, TuranBank further expanded the accessibility of its mobile banking application. Now you can also download our mobile app through AppGallery, which belongs to Huawei branded phones. https://bit.ly/3myetD5   The TuranBank mobile application allows both individual and corporate customers to make payments, transfers and carry out various banking operations without visiting the bank, as well as to obtain updated information about the bank's credit, savings, card products and...

TuranBank signed a cooperation agreement with MIDA

A cooperation agreement was signed between MIDA and TuranBank in connection with the sale of discounted housing. According to the Decree No. 1113 of the president of the country dated 16.11.2016 “the procedure for citizens to obtain apartments under the disposal of the state agency for housing construction”, citizens are provided with the opportunity to benefit from a number of privileges. Registration in the” preferential housing " system and the opportunity to benefit from this concession to citizens with a personal...

TuranBank distributes Novruz gifts to martyr families and veterans

Alkam our veterans and families of martyrs who wrote a true heroic dastan epic in the protection of our territorial integrity and liberation of our lands from enemy occupation are always in the center of attention and care.   TuranBank is also actively involved in initiatives to meet the social protection and needs of family members and veterans of our martyrs. Adhering to this tradition, on the eve of Novruz, our bank, together with the "keep alive" Foundation, distributed holiday gifts to families of martyrs and...

Spring campaign from TuranBank to entrepreneurs

Loan from TuranBank to entrepreneurs without Commission starting from 10.9%! TuranBank launched a new credit campaign to support business. According to the “Profitable Moment Of Spring” Campaign, which will last until April 10, entrepreneurs can obtain loans at an annual interest rate starting from 10.9%. And this is not the end. Thus, loans issued within the framework of the campaign are offered to entrepreneurs without Commission. The maximum duration of the loan for the campaign is 36 months, the maximum amount is 100 000...

Shopping with TuranBank’s cards will be more profitable

Take advantage from the cashback project by using TuranBank’s payment cards! On the occasion of International Women's Day, TuranBank has launched a special cashback campaign for the cardholders of the Bank. Payments in the partner flower, perfume, clothing and accessory stores and restaurants will bring additional benefits to the cardholders of the Bank. Between March 05-08, each payment in the partner stores will return 5% cashback in the amount of the payment to the accounts of cardholders. Note that cashback will be charged only...

TuranBank was awarded

TuranBank was named the most active supporter of financial literacy and socially responsible bank The Association of Banks of Azerbaijan (ABA) has awarded its member organizations, Expert Groups and partners in various nominations for 2019 and 2020. TuranBank OJSC was awarded the "Most Active Financial Literacy Supporter" award in 2019 as the organization that has made the greatest contribution to the development of financial literacy of the population and the "Corporate Social Responsibility" award in 2020. Within the framework of the...

Support from TuranBank to the Karabakh Revival Fund

As a result of the 44-day Patriotic War, which turned into a war of rights and honor for the people of Azerbaijan, all our occupied territories, including our ancient cultural capital Shusha, were liberated as a result of the heroism of our Army on the battlefield. The victories of the Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the liberation of our lands from occupation are written in golden letters in the history of our statehood. The Karabakh Revival Fund was established by the Decree of the...

TuranBank has received a credit line from a reputable international financial institution

TuranBank and ECO Trade and Development Bank have signed a loan agreement worth $ 2 million to expand the financing of trade operations. The attracted funds will allow TuranBank to expand import-export operations, both for member and other countries, and to support customers' trade operations. It should be noted that the agreement signed with ECO Trade and Development Bank is the third one. Thus, in previous years, our bank has attracted funds from this financial institution to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and trade...